What if...??

What if…??

It is with a certain degree of lethargy that I write, currently self isolating on day four with Covid. Oh no!! It is really just a few few days in bed now with ‘the flu’. I look back two years in time, and we had a much different fear, with such an unknown about just what harm a serious pandemic might inflict.

So I expect tomorrow I will be a lot brighter, as I was today, and by the weekend hopefully back to semi normal. Though it does bring into question, what if someone was sick for my wedding and I was relying on them to play a special role. That could be key family and friends, or it could be suppliers – much like my myself.  It does cause some reflection about just what to do if your best man, or maid of honour was unable to participate in your wedding. Or parents, or celebrant,… the list goes on.

While it would never be ideal swapping wedding photographers, membership of a professional photographic body such as NZIPP does offer the opportunity for collegial support to members.  A huge advantage for bridal clients, is that there is an active community supporting many of us here in Canterbury Westand (our NZIPP ‘district’). As at the end of the day most photographers are essentially running independent, sole trader wedding businesses.

Should a photographer be seriously incapacitated, and not be able to confidently deliver what they are expected by way of wedding photos, a call would go out to other regional members of a similar standing. The regional (or even national) NZIPP co-ordinator, would ask for other wedding photographers who might be in a position to help. With a check of who might be available, they would work on the best solution and get back to you, the wedding client. Usually, it would be expected that the ‘old’ photographer would pay the person helping, and the ‘new’ person helping out would honour what has already been planned by way of coverage, times, price etc.

Sometimes the members offering to help may in fact be portrait photographers, or even commercial photographers. While that doesn’t sound ideal, surprisingly, many cherish the chance for a new adventure. Matched with someone with equal experience in photography, the results will likely surprise you.

Of course, you would under no expectation to accept any offer. The choice would always be yours. The main thing is, there is an opportunity there to help where needed, to save you the stress of sorting alone.

That is a critical, non tangible benefit of belonging to such an awesome network of colleagues. A huge advantage when meeting people at conferences, sitting next to other passionate photographers at awards, sharing craftmanship at creative photo workshops. It is about people, it is about connection, and it’s the ability to help each other.

Rest assured, I am not expecting to be hit by a bus any time soon, so for all intents and purposes, I’ll be there for you! I don’t have a wedding this weekend, so this Covid thing wont be putting the dampners on anything too soon!