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I have curated a small collection of interesting links, that I hope may be useful for wedding couples, and photo enthusiasts alike.

It is my hope that visitors will find a diverse range of resources. May these support your search for other local suppliers, various terms of trade, photo organisations of interest, and other photo sites that I regularly visit.  I’ve included some other trusted suppliers who I am in regular contact with, as well as some educational resources (such as articles, gear reviews, and tutorials). Others links include assorted professional & business tools. If I am being honest, it is nice to have these in one place so I can sometimes find them too  – haha!!

So whether you’re seeking inspiration for your wedding, are a budding photographer looking to expand your knowledge base, I hope this page may help. Links do get checked, though if you find any have dropped out, please flick me a message. I’ll do my best to rectify it quickly. I’m pleased to be able to share my passionate for  photography with prospective couples, and those to explore new horizons in photography.

NZIPP / AIPA Standard Terms of Trade & Copyright information

AIPA Standard Terms of Trade & Copyright information [PDF]

Find out more about NZ Professional Photography Associations

Recommended Viewing if Planning your Wedding Online

CHCH Weddings Trusted Vendor

Recommended for their Selection of Quality Photographic Equipment

Photo & Video International

Great Local Team to Assist with Matters Photographic

Highly Recommended for General Photographic Interest

Local Drone Operator

Local Videographers