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Here are some questions and comments I often have from clients.


‘I don’t really like my photo being taken, and feel a bit self conscious in front of the camera’.

Very few people do, if we are all being honest! Everyone has their own sensitivities, and for many, a day spent with a photographer is a fear worse than a trip to the dentist! Yet it is my job to be there for YOU, to make you all look your best. Unlike mates out on the town, I’m not there to embarrass you! With all the trimmings of a wedding (hair, dress, make up, sense of occasion etc…), you will feel like a million dollars. Rest assured.

‘We love candid photos – can you do that?’

Absolutely. Part of the planning process will be to allow for sufficient time to discover what you like and don’t like. If we favour a truly candid style, we just need to make sure timings on the day allow for such opportunity.

‘We aren’t so worried about the posey photos’

Take a look at the photos on the site here. Many are directed to some degree, even the ones that may look particularly candid. The skill of a good professional photographer should mean that the final photo you get to love and treasure, may belie the actual process needed to achieve it! Left without any direction, truly random photos may not embrace the best lighting. Or people lurch into dark shadows. Or body language is too closed. So some direction is always good. That doesn’t mean we always need ‘formal’ though. Most couples will say this is the part they often don’t like. Funny, as this is often the one that Nana would like with the rest of the collection on the mantelpiece! So I usually shoot a range of styles to cover all eventualities. Interestingly, a wedding day is actually the sum of multiple shoot parts. Some times photography will be almost invisible – such as your ceremony. Other times it will be professionally crafted with a lot of input. The real skill is making sure this is always comfortable for you.

We don’t really know what to ‘do’?’

In terms of planning a wedding? Not many people do, so that’s why a trusted circle of professionals is a valuable asset for you to try and create. I often say to couples that with the right suppliers, we will hold hands around the circle of your wedding, and no-one will fall off! It’s a great industry, with some incredible people. I am also happy to offer a shout out to other suppliers who will provide added value to your wedding experience.
Though in terms of not knowing what to do on the day? Again, that’s my job to help. I’ve been there and done that, so I will guide and massage you along. Not just in terms of photos, but suggested timings, as well as tips and tricks to manage people, etc…

‘Do you photograph same sex weddings?’

Yes, all good there.

‘Our wedding is out of town, are there extra travel costs?’

Pending where, and just what travel is required, there may be some additional cost. All current packages include localised travel by car within 50km of my home base.

‘We don’t have too many details just yet, as we are just starting to plan our wedding. When do we need to book?’

The date is the most crucial aspect to lock in with any supplier. Once you have a confirmed date with your venue, it is best securing that with your photographer (and other suppliers). Other details such as timings, numbers, etc… can all follow from there. So don’t wait for a ‘final plan’ to book.
While it is possible to book a last minute date, that leaves a lot to chance. The longer you leave it, there is the increasing chance that a particular date may not be available. It may not be that I have a wedding booking, rather it could be a commitment made with friends or family. If I can help though, I will.
Long answer short, enquire as soon as you know. If that’s two years, great – you will have piece of mind! Two weeks? Give it a go, you just never know!!

‘Friends took their bridal party photos before the ceremony. I am not sure how I feel about that, seeing each other before the ceremony.’

Traditionally, bridal party photos occur after the ceremony, and before the reception. Yet there are circumstances where photos beforehand makes a lot more sense. Usually that comes down to a consideration of timings, desired locations, or not wanting to be away from guests… That is completely up to you, and I can advise various pro’s and con’s when we meet to plan your day.

‘Our bridal party has a different number of bridesmaids and groomsmen – will this look odd?’

Your wedding is your wedding. If you choose the people you want to share the day with you, it really doesn’t matter. It is about the right people. It is the same with dress colour, or whether you do photos before the ceremony, or whether you have a cake with tiers…. While we have traditions and social norms, nothing is fixed in stone. It’s your day!

‘Do we need an album?’

That is completely up to you. There is no expectation, or hard sell from me. Equally, a professionally bound album is something I can provide for all couples. You can choose this anytime I must add, and you needn’t commit on booking. Photo Only coverage is comprehensive, and will still provide ample opportunity for an album design, even years down the track.

‘Is it you who will photograph my wedding?’

Yes, it will be me personally.

‘What if you get sick or can’t photograph my wedding?’

The only reason that I would not be able to attend, would be from circumstances far beyond my control. I make a full commitment in advance to be at your wedding (as you equally do, to have me attend). Should I get hit by a bus, and be lying in traction in hospital, the process would be to use the professional body to which I belong to (NZIPP), to assist. A major advantage of belonging to a group of trusted professionals, is we are able to look after each other. The word would go out for assistance., and a solution offered back to you. You would certainly not be stuck for a professional photographer.
Good news, in nearly 25 yrs I have never been hit by a bus, and I have never missed a wedding!!

‘What do we need to do if we are interested in having you photograph our wedding?’

The most common process would be to meet in person whenever you have a date and venue sorted. We get to meet each other, have a chat, and get a flavour for how things all work. I have various wedding folios and sample albums I can show you, as well an AV presentation. That is the start of a really important process, that ultimately helps you feel the most comfortable in front of the camera later on. It is all about people! Sometimes I realise it is not always possible to meet, especially if planning a wedding from afar. I am happy to work a solution to suit (ie Zoom). From there if you love what I do, and think we’ll be a good fit, it is simply a matter of completing a booking form, and paying a deposit. I provide written confirmation back to you, a receipt, and copy of all paperwork. We will both be assured there is an actual booking, not just an ‘enquiry’. That process is designed to you give every piece of mind.