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So… you like timeless, elegant and classic?! I thought so!

Here is a selection of my wedding portfolio, dedicated to just that. Rich and contrasty, black and white imagery is steeped in nostalgic vacuum that appears timeless. Simplified form, gradated tones, while brushed with a timeless allure. It is my aim to capturing wedding moments with depth and simplicity that may at times transcend colour. Stripped of vivid hues, with an emphasis on texture, contrast, and composition. Hopefully with monochromatic elegance, these black and white images may reveal nuances of light and shadow, allowing emotions to emerge with some degree of romantic vividness. Plus, I often have people say they so much like themselves in black and white, that it they seem more flattering! You make up your own mind.


(You don’t really have to choose one by the way!! I do take colour AND black & white photos for all clients. It is the mixture of both, that enrichens the visual legacy that I produce for you).