Is it Time to Regulate Wedding Photography?

Is it Time to Regulate Wedding Photography?

It’s been sad to see read lately, about two separate media stories where CHCH wedding photographers have caused some major grief to their bridal clients. It is tragic on many levels, not least of which to wedding couples who have trusted their suppliers implicitly, and have been let down. But also for the photographers (whose circumstances I am simply not aware of) have also gotten themselves into some pretty hot water, and must surely be stressed.

Without knowing the particular ins and outs, it would seem reading the two articles, that better communication, and better business systems would go a long way in helping photographers honour their commitments.


It could be a timely reflection to recognise that in an unregulated market, there is no restriction on who can pitch for business as a photographer, and claim to be a professional. Sadly there is no minimum standard required for skills, training, equipment, business practise, minimum competency, ethics,… etc.

If the supplier – client relationship falls over, the consequences can be devastating, fraught with all manner of emotions. It’s not like buying a kettle, where if it breaks, you take back to the shop, and it is dealt with simply and quickly.

It is certainly very hard for wedding couples to identify just who may be best able to help them on their special day. While it doesn’t guarantee a perfect result, choosing an NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) accredited photographer does go a long way in assisting prospective couples.

NZIPP members sign a code of ethics to which they agree to abide. Accredited members have their wedding work appraised and evaluated as being of a competent standard. Members have available all manner of workshops, forums, awards, conference and professional development opportunities to grow as photographers. They benefit from collegial support in times of sickness or ‘issues’, where as a community they enjoy the support of others who can step in during times of crisis. The Institute will also act as facilitator in the unlikely event of unresolved complaints.

To that end, it is never nice reading about other’s conflict. For those of us passionate about the industry, we all hope these two situations can be resolved amicably. Though without some degree of industry regulation, I fear this will not be the last time we hear from couples upset that they feel let down.


Oct 28th Chris Lynch media

Chris Lynch media story about wedding photographer.


Front page of the CHCH Press, Oct 7th 2023

CHCH Press front page, 7th Oct 2023 about wedding photographer not delivering.

CHCH Press front page, 7th Oct 2023 about wedding photographer not delivering.