Merry Christmas All

Merry Christmas All

Merry Christmas to all. It is my hope that the busy festive season, with all its madness, may soon subside. The traffic, the malls, the hayfever sniffles…. argh!!!

I have just had Covid, so managed an enforced start to my ‘holidays’ that I wasnt quite expecting! Better than right on Christmas though huh?!

I remain on email and cell throughout the festive period. If you have any queries during this time, please sing out. I know planning a wedding is often with the cherished input of close family and friends, so getting together at this time can be extremely valuable in sharing ideas. It remains my aim to provide the very best photographic experience for all clients here in wider Christchurch / Canterbury, so you are welcome to make contact at any time.

Anyway, I hope Christmas may be a relaxing time for all,  for you to enjoy friends, family, and a cracker kiwi summer. Though CHCH so far has been quite variable weather wise, so hopefully more sun than we have rain.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,


Merry Christmas