Dates Available Weddings 2024 2025

Dates Available Weddings 2024 2025

As people find their way back into routine after Christmas and New Year, it isn’t now uncommon to be looking ahead to next summer. I know, we have hardly finished this one!!

Yet planning a wedding takes a bit of effort. Between cars, flowers, cakes, dresses, caterers… there are indeed a few moving parts to co-ordinate. First and foremost is your wedding date. Once that is anchored, then everything else can wrap around to suit. At the top of that list will assumably be your wedding venue (and your reception venue, if different). Their availability needs to be locked in first and foremost, as their availability is central to your wedding.

Following on these vendors, would be your ‘tier two’ wedding suppliers. Ones whose services are restricted to just one day bookings, but need an exact date that can only come after you have a venue secured. The likes of your photographer, band, cars etc. People who can only service one wedding client on any one day.

Follow this, would be your ‘tier three’ wedding suppliers. Florists, cake makers, and quite probably hair and make up. Suppliers who are not restricted to ‘one wedding, one day’, and within limits can provide their services to several customers on any one day.

So photography would be an important tier two wedding supplier. One that is best booked as soon as you have a date locked in with your wedding venue and reception.

To that end, people often ask, ‘How far in advance do I need to book?’. There is no one answer really. Rather, if you know what you want, don’t muck around. The further out you are able to line all your ducks in a row, the greater peace of mind you will have. The later you leave it, the greater the risk that one or more of your desired suppliers may not be available. That then causes other complications potentially as you try and re-juggle other combinations of dates to achieve a best fit. It may pay to note also that supplier availability isn’t always affected by another wedding booking. If left too late, then suppliers may also make plans for family birthdays, kids sports, etc. Yet with notice most suppliers will gladly work to your needs and plan around these well in advance.

So to that end, a year traditionally would be a common booking lead in. That doesn’t mean to say if you book 3 months out, you have been disorganised! Equally, if booked 2yrs out, doesn’t make you uptight!! After Covid, we all saw wedding lead ins drop remarkably here in Christchurch, as people simply didn’t have peace of mind planning too far ahead. Though I suspect that was common about NZ, and in part the world!

So if you are getting married next January, February, March or April, this is a good time right now to look ahead to get your suppliers all locked in. That is enough time to explore available dates, to find the best option that might fit all your key suppliers, and to lock something in to help start your wedding planning journey.


There is no cost, and no obligation to discuss your options with me for wedding photos. If you feel that what I do is a match, then I would be most honoured to help further.

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